What We Do ….

FVDA creates memories for kids

FVDA embraces our History

  • As of 2016, FVDA has worked with 17 private property owners and Shirley Simmons of the FV Museums to order and mount historic markers on buildings in downtown. As a result the story of each building’s origin will be marked for future generations.

FVDA grows American Pride

  • FVDA worked with David Anthony’s and The Garden Hut to launch the Downtown Flag campaign.   Businesses participated in this initiative and as a result you see more and more American Flags flying in downtown!
  • FVDA manages the event, Paint Downtown Red, White and Blue as a way to motivate storeowners to create displays that show that FV is all about the USA!

FVDA grows Art

  • FVDA launched the first En Plein Air Paint – off in a downtown setting in Wake County.   The organization won a state award for the event.   The event brings in incredible artists from all over the region to participate.   An auction is held where artists are able to receive a portion of the sale of their work and a cash prize is given to the top three winners.
  • FVDA canvas public art project has created oversized paintings that are mounted on buildings in downtown. FVDA funds and organizes the entire process.   Now in its 5th year, canvases are starting to be retired and replaced with a new series, which allows for a rotation type of out door public art gallery.
  • FVDA launched the Bengal Tigers on Parade in 2015.   Now in its 2nd year you can see these tigers that were beautifully crafted by local artists all over downtown. Kids love them and love getting their picture taken with the tigers!

FVDA grows Community

  • FVDA has organized and paid for 15,000 event cards to be placed in citizen water bills and in downtown. We do this free of charge to the Town of FV, FV Chamber and the FV Arts Council.   We know that these organizations are also helping to grow our community so we have always wanted to fund this initiative as a show of support and thank you.

FVDA grows Culture

  • Dinner on Depot has become an event where people can dress up and head downtown for an evening of culinary splendor, fellowship and an elegant cultural experience.
  • Our En Plein Air art auction delivers a sense of style as our annual performance of local Jazz fills Depot Street and many guests place bids on one of a kind artwork.
  • In 2016 with your help we will add additional cultural events!

FVDA grows School Pride

  • With the Bengal Tigers on Parade there is no doubt that FVDA supports our local schools!
  • FVDA embraces our high school students in the local art and music departments. Each year a group of high school students have participated in POP! Downtown Fuquay-Varina window art program and have also painted a Bengal Tiger.   When you see musicians downtown chances are they are from our local schools. We reach out the music departments to see if they would be willing to share their talents with their community and they say yes!

FVDA sees Opportunities

  • FVDA has worked with over 20 small business owners as they have toured potential locations, gone through the town permitting process and in some instances have helped them find new locations if their leases were not being renewed in order for new businesses to open up in their current space.
  • FVDA saw Depot Street as an opportunity to create a cozy scene. The organization paid for the street rope lighting, the installation and pays for the annual maintenance and monthly power bill. As of 2015 FVDA has invested $5,000 to this streetlight project.
  • FVDA installed lights in the alley on Raleigh Street and pays for the annual maintenance and monthly power bill.
  • FVDA worked tirelessly to try and advocate for the new library to be beside the Methodist Church on Main Street because we see great opportunity in that barren land to help connect our two downtown districts together.

FVDA supports Families

  • All our events are kid friendly where our focus is to create memories for families. We want our families to “remember when they went downtown to trick or treat or to taste all the amazing chili”. We want our families to have a safe place to fellowship and “downtown” is that place.

FVDA supports Local

  • If you open up a business in downtown an added benefit is marketing for your business through our website, newsletter and Facebook page.   FVDA does this as an incentive to choose downtown rather than areas with a much larger car volume. We want those who decide to set up a business downtown to know they are like family.
  • FVDA was the first to jump on to the Small Business Saturday movement. During the day FVDA organizes street performers and helps to create a buzz to “Shop Small”.
  • FVDA does promotions that help drive customers into our downtown businesses. Whether it is Wine Down Wednesday, Cash for Christmas or other promotions, FVDA wants people to support our local businesses!  Each year the organization gives away over $1,000.00 in downtown gift certificates in order to entice people to shop locally and to make sure they utilize our downtown businesses to cash in on their prize.
  • When downtown businesses are in distress, FVDA tries to think of ways to help. One year we had local snow volumes and we launched a “Thaw Down” promotion where people were encouraged to shop locally since many stores had not been able to have customers in for days.   During the recent balloon festival FVDA launched a restaurant cash mob that helped food to not go bad, which would have had a significant impact. As a result, over 200 families posted photos of themselves on Facebook supporting a local restaurant.

FVDA supports Music

  • The music scene in downtown has exploded in the past three years. As a result FVDA now has an entertainment calendar on our website where we input weekly what is happening in downtown. Music, Music Bingo, Art … you name it. There is now a one-stop shop when you are looking for “what to do”.  Check out the calendar HERE!
  • We work closely with our area schools to help showcase the talents we have right here in Fuquay-Varina. Many of our street performers are local high school students who have incredible talent!

FVDA supports Others

  • Each time we have a contest where money is the “vote” FVDA has split the profits with other non -profits that are doing great things in Fuquay-Varina. To date we have been able to donate to MMIA, Heroes United and the FV Food Pantry.
  • Each year we ask people to donate canned goods to the FV Food Pantry during the sleigh ride. As a result the Pantry volunteers are able to load up the back of a pick up truck that will support our hungry citizens during the upcoming year.
  • FVDA was able to donate $7,000 to local charities in 2015.   The FV Junior Women’s Club, FV Women’s Club , Horse and Buddy each received $2,500 as a result of a generous donation from our Bengal Tiger Auction. The FV Juniors utilized the funds to buy their beloved McGruff Costume.

FVDA is Fun

  • In 2016 and 2017 FVDA will launch a new initiative in addition to what we have mentioned above. Called “Play in the Quay”.   We are determined to be the one stop shop for all things fun and games in Wake County.   We know that each time we add something fun we add another “downtown lover”.
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