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Thank you to our friends at the Fuquay-Varina Museums for the historical image and information.
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Second Bank of Varina
Circa 1925

In 1925 the second Bank of Varina was constructed by A. Y. Hairr. It is a two-story yellow brick building located at the corner of Broad Street. Ransdell Road. J. Herbert Akins was President and Chairman of the Board from 1947 until his death in 1965. Herbert’s son-in-law D. Watson Adcock joined the firm in 1962 and his son Sherrill served briefly as Chairman of the Board.

The Bank of Varina merged with Southern National on May 27, 1969 but remained in the same location until moving to Main Street in 1972. Upstairs in this building were offices and a room where the Varina Woman’s Club first met.


Tsuru Sweets & Coffee
Circa August 2019

What’s there Today Tsuru is a gourmet confectionery that takes pride in crafting unique, indulgent treats using only the highest-quality cacao and ingredients from around the world. They take the power of beautiful confection seriously, using sweets as a means of empowering, inspiring and respecting the world around them. Tsuru honors the building’s history with photographs and showcasing the bank’s vault!

Behind the Name Tsuru means “cacao” in Bribri, a Costa Rican indigenous group known for its cultivation of the unique plant. In their mythology, there were once three sisters that caught the attention of the gods. Among them was Sibu, the creator of all things and most powerful. He claimed them as his own. Two of the sisters were blessed with unearthly beauty, while the third possessed a beautiful, bright and humble spirit. Her name was Tsuru and she loved all things great and small. Sibu tested the sisters taking an ugly human form. He approached the women, only to be rejected by the two beautiful sisters because of his appearance. Tsuru saw his inner beauty and accepted him. Sibu took Tsuru as his wife, turning her into the most beautiful of the three sisters and filling her life with riches and beauty.


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