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Thompson-Howard Building
Circa 1914

Pictured above (L to R) A.G Elliot, Sr., unknown, and Walter Howard. Courtesy Kitty Lane Holleman

The Thompson-Howard building was home to one of the longest continuously operated businesses on Main Street.

Augustus Green Elliott, Sr. moved from Granville County to Fuquay Springs sometime prior to 1914. Elliott purchased the Fuquay Drug and Seed Company and the Judd-Ballentine Drug Company and moved the combined businesses into the Thompson-Howard building in 1914.

In 1918 the Fuquay Drug Company was renamed Elliott’s Drug Store. The upstairs has provided space for town offices, a recorder’s court, a book store, lawyers, doctors, and dentists. Elliott’s Drug Store remained in the Elliott family until 1989 when it was purchased by Curtis and Kitty Holleman and rename Elliott’s Pharmacy. The Elliott family still owns the building.

While Elliott’s Pharmacy closed in 2013 many locals still share fond memories of times spent there at the lunch counter.

Elliot’s early counter as it appeared after rebuilding from the 1916 fire. Behind the counter was Roy Powell while Otis Coley worked the cash register. Seated were Cap Fuquay, Len H Aiken, Andrew Wester, unknown, and Henry Talley. Courtesy N.C Archives from Aiken photos

Walter Howard worked in the store at Elliott’s for over fifty years although he was not a trained pharmacist. Courtesy Killy Lane Holleman

Sally Beck Fitzhugh prepared food behind the counter at Elliot’s for the lunch crowd. Sally was one of the Beck girls of Cardenas who had earlier been partners in the Pine Cone Tea Room. Courtesy Beck Family

Check out the interior of Elliot’s in 1961! Here’s Walter Howard with A. G. Elliott, Jr. behind the counter preparing drugs. Courtesy Heulon Dean

Thompson-Howard Building in September 2019.