MissĀ Eleanor…she’s spending her last Saturday in the shop today after 29 years atĀ David Anthony’s.
Over the last few weeks, we had a few opportunities to spend time visiting with her and listen to stories she and her customers had to tell. We heard about the generations of families that had been registered there as they started their lives as newlyweds. The care that Eleanor took to set up a registry table and work with the bride and groom. The detail that went in to wrapping a gift and having it ready for someone attending a shower or going to the wedding. Some say she was the one who married the people in Fuquay. Then she helped with baby gifts!

We asked how many couples she had worked with…she laughed that she had no idea, but there were binders full of them. During another visit, she found one and shared it with us. She’d attended some of the weddings, remembered the china patterns of others.

For any occasion, she would help you find just what you needed. Some shoppers joked there might have been a few purchases that husbands didn’t know about. They all wished her the best in retirement. Eleanor has worked hard for all of us and deserves a little time to relax, that’s for sure. And though the store is just about empty, the air is thick with memories.

For all you’ve done for all of us and this place we call Downtown…Thank you